‘My Wife Gave Me The Shock Of My Life’ (Please Advice)


What will you do if your wife/husband-to-be asks for breakup after 3years of dating?

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‘My Wife Gave Me The Shock Of My Life’

Recently, the increase in armed robberies and banditry has become a disturbing trend in Nigeria. It is even more horrendous when the men of the underworld not only steal when they attack but will also [email protected] any unfortunate female caught in the invasion.

My wife and I were watching a real life crime documentary one evening and in the documentary, a lady was shot and killed after resisting [email protected] advances from 6 men who invaded her residence.

Fortunately, the criminals were later caught using forensic evidence and paraded by law enforcement. These men were tough looking strongly built men who no doubts would have torn the lady apart if they had succeeded in raping her.

However, the shocker was when my wife of 4 years said, and I quote “she just died for nothing and has caused her family a lot of grief…if it were me, I would just let them have their way and live to see another day”.

Although this sounded very right, it also sounded very wrong at the same time and has since been messing with my head as I cannot get the picture out of my mind. We could both see that they were 6 hefty men and yet she felt she should have…………….

Ladies, am I over reacting and men, what do you think? How can something feel so right and so wrong simultaneously?


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