My Romantic Experience With A Married Woman

A social media user has shared his romance story under the condition of anonymity for privacy reasons.My Romantic Experience With A Married WomanI want to share this story so that we guys should know that we can always resist temptation if we decide to because just few minutes or hours of fun can change your life and your home for good.

I took a bus from Lagos going to Asaba for a business and the bus with filled with really matured guys and ladies. As we proceeded in the smooth journey there was a beautiful and very good looking lady who sat beside me. There were two guys who were just gisting anyhow and showing themselves so everyone already knew they were car dealers. If they see some certain cars zoom pass they started talking of the time they went to deliver such car to heaven and earth (you know how Igbo guys boast sha lol).

Well at a point I think a lady called one of them on phone and that’s how gist changed to sex and stuffs like that, before you know everybody inside the bus joined the gist both guys and ladies. I didn’t say anything at first so I was just laughing at some things they said and I observed the Lady beside me would always laugh and either hit me or fall on my body somehow but I just overlooked it all and tried to enjoy the gist and the trip. At a point she started asking why am not saying anything or if I don’t have a girlfriend or wife and then I told her I was married and she also told me she was married and it didn’t mean I can’t join the gist. I just told her I prefer to listen and laugh than talk so she kept smiling.

Getting to Ore we came down and because normally I don’t like eating when travelling just to avoid stories of running stomach and begging driver to stop on the road, I decided to just buy a little suya and had a drink. At this point trust me I had no single thought of that lady in my head and from no where this lady just approached me and sat with me while we were waiting for the bus to load and move. We then started talking normally and got to properly introduce ourselves.

Being that she stated she was married and I too had made it clear to her I felt a little comfortable that this won’t go pass normal talk and as soon as we get to Asaba its all history. She was into wedding planning and wedding accessories so she said she was going to deliver a wedding gown to her client in Asaba. I also told her I was going to inspect a property for my client who wanted to buy and I will be staying for just two days. She said she will be leaving back to Lagos the next day. Then she asked where I will be staying and I told her I was given direction to a hotel I could lodge and she told me she was lodging in a better hotel which is also affordable and I can lodge there too being that she always lodge there when she goes to Asaba she knows the place is very safe and comfortable. Having the whole she is a married woman idea in my head, I accepted to lodge in the hotel since now she has made me understand that the place is okay compared to the one I was given which I didn’t know what to expect when I get there.

Long story short, we took off from ore and almost through out the rest of the journey the lady and I never had any conversion again as she spent most part of the remaining journey sleeping. Arriving at Asaba we got a taxi that took us both to the hotel and I think her room had already been settled so it was just me. She then told them to show me the rooms first and she followed us to see the room and it was nice so I said I was taking it for two nights.

Now knowing she knows my room I became very uncomfortable but I just had to be a little smart and vigilant in case of anything. I later went out to inspect the property and being that am a very adventurous person I decided to go somewhere to chill out after I finished the inspection. I stayed there till a little late like 10pm and headed back to the hotel. Getting to the hotel I decided to relax somewhere at the pool bar till about 12am or so before heading to my room to sleep so all these while I had not seen this lady but my mind was telling me its possible she came to check on me but I was around. I slept very very well oooo until about 6am I heard a knock on my door ooo. Like if my mind just knew it must be this lady I quickly wore a short and singlet then opened the door and behold it was this lady. Thinking that she even just came to say goodbye because she was meant to leave that day according to her, I was shocked she wasn’t dressed like who was ready to travel. So I asked her and she said she had to stay an extra day and in my mind I was like yawa don gas be this. I did all I could to be calm and mature about everything so she showed me pictures of her husband and two beautiful kids.

No this is why I feel sorry for young ladies who go to marry old men just for money. This lady is so damn pretty and fresh it I had know doubt this lady is loaded so when I saw her pictures I already knew her husband being a very wealthy man would definitely be spoiling her with money. I then asked her why she didn’t use a flight instead and she said she is not even sure if the Asaba airport is even functioning lol… That one really cracked me up and just like play she just said she felt like getting a little naughty and do something crazy. I was like how do you mean and the next thing this lady just grabbed me and started kissing me. At first I felt lost and was flowing with the kiss when the spirit of my wife came all the way from Lagos to give me one dirty slap. As in instantly my head reset and I came back to my senses that this is totally so so wrong. I had to stop her in a very cool manner and told her it’s quite early and I have to go finish up my inspection then when I get back I think it will be so nice to go really naughty with her. I told her I guess that would be our own little secret and she was happy to hear that. So I took her number I told her I would call when I return.

My dear friends, immediately she left I jejely went to take a shower, packed my bag and baggage, deleted her number, checked out the hotel and off I went to another hotel. Stayed two extra days so that by mistake we will not meet in the park for any reason. Up till date we have never crossed path again and sometimes I the thought of it come to my head I would just laugh it off. But then I thought about it, what if I had fallen for the temptation, imagine she gave me a better sex than my wife, that would have affected me in some ways that sometimes I might be making love to my wife and seeing this woman’s face and body.

My good friends, I can confidently tell you that resisting temptation is absolutely something you can control with your head and your heart. Do not destroy very good things ahead of you just for a short moment of pleasure.

Think Fast.

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