“My Relationship Is Being Threatened By My Low Income” Please Advice


“Signs Your Relationship Is Over Before It Is Officially Over”

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“My Relationship Is Being Threatened By My Low Income”

Good evening Naijachoicelites. I sure know you all fine.

I am writing this with heavy heart.
I know we have super rich people here who rose from poverty to riches.

This life isn’t balance. Done with school. Been working as security administrator in my church and I earn 80k. I have been planning on getting married. Have met my fiance Parents, they were happy. I have engaged her she is happy. All of a sudden the elder brother who isn’t around is angry that I haven’t spoken to him about my intention. I have earlier tried his line severallly and it isn’t going through. Had to chat him and he told me I am not serious that I should grow up. A bullet in my heart.

Her mum has suddenly changed and is accusing me for not calling her always.

This whole drama has gotten into my babe now she is talking about us suspending our marriage plan and try improving our income. (She is learning a skill)
I am fed up. Have suspended everything now. I have tried everything since I left school last year to improve my income. Apply for jobs here and there. Is just not cutting in.


Please, share your experience on how you were able to get out of this average life as a Nigerian.

Advise me and others still struggling to rise up.

You can recommend jobs for me.
I studied history and Diplomatic Studies.

Have some certification in Leadership and human resource. Trust me, I can deliver on anything legal. I have the capacity, but haven’t gotten the opportunity.

Patiently reading.


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