My Girlfriend Dumped Me. Now It’s Working For My Good


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My Girlfriend Dumped Me. Now It’s Working For My Good

Due to this pandemic, the company where I work decided to lay off some staff. Unfortunately I was 1 of the people sacked. But I have N1 million as savings.

Now I’m thinking of starting a small scale business and also buy a car that I can use to pick passengers that are returning from work every evening from 4pm to 8pm everyday. But my girlfriend is against the idea. she said it’s too downgrading for a graduate like me that if I go ahead with the plan she’s going to quit the relationship. She said she wants her man to do a white collar job n not to hustle like a taut.


As for me, I’m tired of working with people. I want to be a Boss of my own. This situation will help me find my true love. A woman that will love me for who I am, what I have, what I do and not what she wants me to do.


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