“My Girlfriend Asked Me To Tell My Mum To Remarry & I Have Lost Confidence In Her” – Please Help


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“My Girlfriend Asked Me To Tell My Mum To Remarry & I Have Lost Confidence In Her”

I Lost Confidence In My Girlfriend The Moment She Asked Me To Marry For My Mother.

I had a girlfriend some few months back before the covid 19 outbreak, that was after we went home from school due to the strike and the pandemic, we both are in the same school which is IBB university lapai, in our final.

So at home this faithful day, I put a call through! We both were talking, laughing on phone, so she ask about my mum, I said she was fine and she now ask abt her loneliness because no one at home, I told her but I’m still here with her, she ask what if school resume and what if we should go for our service next year, she now told me to marry another man for my mum…. lol… telling me who knows” that my mum might like the idea if I should table it with her. Gosh! I actually laughed about it then on phone with her but inside me, it wasn’t funny at all.

The next day, what she told me was still bordering me, so many things were just running on my mind…so even if by mistake I wife her in future and the Lord decide to take me when we have a grown up child like me, who is planning on becoming a graduate this year and have even spent 30 years in marriage already….she won’t even mourn me for long before accepting another man’s proposal or bleeping with another man or probably her one time ex.


I decided to ask my mum with play, mum be sincere to me, you and my dad have been married since far back 1986… U both were in marriage for about 30 yrs before he past away few years ago, may his soul rest in peace..this is 5yrs now are you considering on marrying any one or having any kind of body movement or even can stand the presence of another man in your life?

Guess what her reply was….
Mum said my dad was the only man she know in her life and that’s how it going to remain by God grace, period! and I shouldn’t ask her such again with cry/smiles on her face because she has me and I will give her groundchil……..

Seriously I don’t know why I brought this here but pls tell me, any girl that can ask a 52 Year old woman to re_marry even after she has a child, isn’t it clear that she can’t stay without having S3x to anyone as long as her husband is on a peace keeping mission or even travel abroad?

Thanks everyone.


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