“My eyes saw Shege” – Toke Makinwa reflects on her experiences in 2022 and her hopes for the new year

Media personality, has revealed that last year, 2022 wasn't exactly a great year for her, as she was emotionally drained and saw the worst.

Penning it all down in her reflection note for the new year, 2023, Toke Makinwa wrote thus:

“2022…. The quote “it'll end in praise” …now makes a whole lot of sense. This year was my best teacher, behind the smile, glam, work and fun that Instagram lets us share it was the most emotionally draining year I've had in years.

I've had to put myself together so many times this year, my eyes saw “shege” and I didn't think it'll end with me smiling but I am, this is the first time I'm crossing over without anxiety in years, almost like I've seen the worst so what else????

Well…..Here is what I've learnt.

Our desires, though perfect in our eyes are only from a vantage point, we can only dream from what is available to us.

God's plans however are greater than our desires and if we become flexible enough to let go of the control we think we have over how things will happen, we'll be less anxious and more hopeful (easier said than done) cos his plans are always bigger and better than our imaginations.

Go into 2023 knowing that it's ok to have your vision board but remember that we make plans and God laughs.

You cannot love your self more than he loves you,

You cannot outwork God, he is sovereign,

You cannot write a better chapter, he is the Author,

You can trust totally in the fact that it'll always end in praise.

All that you've lost along the way is working together with all that you've found, it's all working together, you'll see.

Cheers to doing “23 flexible.”

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 07:27 am

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