My Experience: Dating A Military Personnel


Dating A Military Personnel: My Experience

If you are dating or ever dated a military personnel, share your experience.

Here is mine.

There’s this naval officer I met years back in Port Harcourt. We were sitting opposite each other in a wedding reception but from a distance. The way he was looking at me, I knew he had something to tell me. He was very neat from head to toe. I love neat and smart people. I guess that was what made be fell easily for him.

He was a shy type. He couldn’t even approached me. So he gave someone his number to give me. Immediately the piece of paper where he wrote his number was handed over to me, he left his seat. I didn’t see him again till I left the venue.
Some days passed, I call his number and he picked. We started talking till we became more familiar and wanted something more so we dated.
He was every caring.

The first day he invited me to his house, I thought he will demand for sex like most Nigerian men do but to my surprise he didn’t.
Throughout my dating time with him, he never requested for sex. Sex would just happened.
The way he showered me love made me became so emotionally attached to him.
There were moments I could not go a day without setting my eyes on him. He was so meek and down to earth.He told me if he wasn’t in the military he would be a pastor.

After months of dating him, trouble set in. He wasn’t having time for me anymore due to the nature of his work. I was in a relationship but I was lonely. He will go for months and I won’t hear from him.

There was a time he told me he was going for two weeks operation and after two weeks he will be back.

Two weeks came and gone I didn’t hear from my love. A month came and gone still didn’t hear from him. After 3 months I heard a news that militants attacked Nigerian Naval officers I knew my love was among them. I would cry myself to sleep. I later put myself together and moved on.

Two years later he called me. I was shocked. I didn’t believe he was the one so I requested to see him in person. He came all the way to PH. When I saw him at first, I wanted to run because I thought he was his ghost. He proved to me that he was real and not a ghost then told me everything that happened.

Right there I told him I’ve moved on and I can’t continue again. He knelt down and begged me to marry him I told him I can’t. That he is not always around me.

He left that day in tears. I unfriend him on my Facebook and he didn’t bug me like most Nigerian men would do after telling them it’s over they still come to your inbox disturbing you. He was so so cool and a quiet type.

Today I went to Facebook, I just decided to chat him up. I was shocked by what I saw on his timeline.

Rest on my love.My Experience: Dating A Military Personnel

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