My Dilemma With My Virgin Girlfriend (Please Advice)


What to do if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you

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Naijachoicelites!!! I Need Your Advice Please

Good day, my fellow naijachoicelites. permit me for the blunders, this is just the way I can put it.

I have this pretty and honest girl am currently dating, she is 18 while am 21. We have been dating for 8 months now. My parents knows her and her family knows me as well except her dad.

She is really into me and I love her dearly too. I have been in relationships but this current relationship seem to be different because I have never been in love to this extent. Despite the richer and well to do guys disturbing her for relationships she still stick to me.


Although I never make her lack anything even when she never requested for it. she loves me so much that she can’t do without texting and calling me daily, sometimes she even tells me to send a selfie of my self so that she can see my face. This girl is just one of a kind and God knows I truly love her and I will love to marry her if things continue this way. She runs a small business online and am even planing to surprise her with some cash next year to make the business grow. I love it when a lady is hustling.

The problem am having right now is that she is a Virgin, We normally engage in pre-intimacy, although am not satisfied with that, but since I truly love her I just have to wait till she is ready. So recently she finally told me that she is ready to get disv!rg!ned. We have already make a date for that and I have already make plans on booking a 5 star hotel room to make it special and memorable.

I started having second taught this morning that I should not disv!rg!n her yet because I will be leaving for school next year to further my education while she will start processing admission to gain entry into tertiary institution of her choice, with this reason I felt if I got her disv!rg!ned she might meet some bad peers that will make her engage in some sort of negativity and definitely she might become a hoe or she might be craving for S3x while am not with her, but i felt if she is still is still a Virgin she will have my fear in her heart and be for me only.

Should I disv!rg!n her? or still let her be a Virgin. Am confused, I just don’t want to loose everything. I don’t want to later end up a looser in the relationship. Please naijachoicelites I really need your advice!! Bashing is welcome as well.


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