‘My Brother’s Girlfriend Plans To Go & Lodge In A Hotel With Another Man’


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‘My Brother’s Girlfriend Plans To Go & Lodge In A Hotel With Another Man’

Greetings all, pls ignore my typos.

I have a bro (3yrs younger) who have been inseperable to me ever since we became adults, we do virtually everything together not until he met this girl he calls gf.

She wasn’t really a problem, till recently when I started perceiving foul play in her dealings. First she never accepts anything to be her fault even when she’s at fault, always playing the victim card and my bro always goes back to apologize.


Secondly, my bro got a hold of this girl’s phone and her chats were out of this world for sm1 who has a bf. Planning on how to go lodge in a hotel with sm1 she said was just her caring friend and nothing more when my bro asked due to the way they act even in the presence of my bro, although through their chats she was asking the guy what to do if her bf knew but that was only bcus she was scared my bro might find out soon.

My anger now is that when my bro confronted her she became angry.

Saying my bro had no right to go through her chats, my bro wasn’t taking any of that this time so he pressured her to say the truth but this same girl had same effrontery to lie again that she planned out the said chat to check the level of trust he had for her but my bro kept pressuring until she succumed and said the truth crying that she was very sorry.. I was really angry that i called my bro and let him knw my stance on this girl, Like while would sm1 lie after being caught?I told him to do away with this kinda toxic person before it gets late and he agreed.. Three days back i was around some folks and this girl was around too.. In the course of discussion she made a very derogatory comment bout smbdy and this person got angry and jokingly i said “leave that girl she get bad life” just to reduce the already flared temper n errbody laffed but this girl insulted me telling me i was very very stupid, like wtf

Whats your say to this


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