My Boyfriend Lied About His Age. Should I Trust Him?


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Her Boyfriend Lied About His Age

I usually don’t do this but I’ve been forced to create this thread because my friend (a lady) needs my advice on the subject.

She met this cool dude about two years ago, they started dating after 2 months or thereabouts and everything has been fine with them.

Dude has a good career and she’s also doing very well for herself. A couple of days back, she ran into some of his documents and realized that she is 5 years older than him she confirmed this via a photocopy of his international passport, WAEC certificate and Jamb documents; his DOB was consistent in all.

I advised her to confront him, at least to hear his own part of the story (because I’m aware so many Nigerians tend to reduce their “official” ages).


But she insisted that that wasn’t the case because she remembered when her boyfriend’s elder brother in the US once celebrated his birthday with a cake with “**** at 29” inscription. She saw the photos on IG late last year and she was confused but decided to shrug it off thinking it could be a mistake.

As of this moment, she feels the dude must be hiding some other things from her, she’s so broken right now.

I’ll be expecting your input guys.


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