“My Boyfriend Is About To Dump Me. Help!”


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My Boyfriend Is About To Dump Me

Hi I just needed to bring this here. I am 22 years of age and I am not happy at all. My boy friend and I are in a long distance relationship. Not long perse. He is in lagos while I’m in abeokuta. I served in lagos so that’s how we met and we got to spend quality time together.

Now since I’ve passed out I’ve been at home. I passed out in June. So it’s been June that we saw last and now we’re in august. He has been disturbing me to come visit him as it has not been easy staying alone, loneliness and all. I promised to visit him next week which also happened to be my birthday week. I have super strict parents but I still promised I will find my way.


I told them (parents) that I was travelling to visit a friend (girl). I could not tell them it was my boyfriend I was going to see because I knew deep down they wouldn’t allow me travel to another city to see a guy. But my parents have blatantly refused that I cannot visit this girl. I had to tell my bf that I was not going to come. He was so sad and angry and he let me know he has wasted a lot of money preparing to surprise me for my birthday. He was so excited to see me and he had made a lot of plans. He told me he was disappointed in me and he doesn’t think he can continue a relationship like this. Yes he comes to abeokuta sometimes but he mostly lodges in the hotel. He told me he can’t continue lodging in the hotel that if I love him I will make effort. I tried to convince my parents they did not gree. Imagine, I told them I wanted to see a gf that they knew and they refused. What if I had told them he was a guy.

Pls guys how do u advise me to save my relationship, I’m in a tight spot right now and really sad.


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