“My Boss’ Girlfriend Is In Love With Me. She Kissed Me”, What Should I Do? – Confused Guy

My story might be lengthy with a lot of grammatical blunders.. But my elders Abeg help me just manage read am and advice me because am really confused..

I have a boss who actually loves me. He likes me like a son and he always wants me to go out with him. We are actually very close pal.

There was a day he went out with his girklfriend. I was at home when my phone rang. He told me to bring 3k to where he was with his girlfriend. When I got there he told me to sit down and drink and eat dog meat with them. But I don’t eat dog so I only drank one bottle. The lady and I later talked and I left them.

She came to our place this Wednesday. I was inside my room, she was just insisting that she wanted to see me. When I got there, she was just telling me my boss drinks a lot which is quite true but he dosent misbehave. That it is too much. As a guy man I covered up for my boss. And I left her and my boss.

Today we went to her shop. My boss ordered for drink for us. We started drinking. Later I went out, she followed me. We sat together and started talking. She started telling me that If she actually saw me first she would have dated me that she loves me that she doesn’t like my boss. I was quite shocked and told her that since she is already dating my boss it is not possible. Then my boss and one of my other colleague with a lady came out and joined us. That was how we started gisting again. I had an important call to pick so I later entered her shop because the outside was noisy. That was how this lady came inside and kissed me. I was really shocked I have to run outside.

My boss and I later left her place for a burial where a friend of his (a lady) invited us to a burial. When I got there this lady started saying she really likes me that she wish she meet me earlier that she would have dated me.. That she really likes me a lot. My boss now jokingly asked me that I want to take all his girls from him. Mind you that my boss girlfriend calls me her husband even people close to her shop call me her husband.. And these ladies are way older than Me..

Please all I need from you guys is advice on what to do cause am confused.

There is also a married lady too that told me she wished she met me earlier that she would have dated me. And other older beautiful ladies. In their early and middle thirties and am just 23.
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