“My 50-Year-Old Boss Shows Massive Cleavage Whenver We Meet. What Could She Want?”


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My 50 Yrs Old Boss Shows A Lot Of Cleavage When We Meet, What Could She Want?


So I got this job around 2019 and I noticed from the very day I went for my interview, there was this woman who happened to be very lenient with me and cautioned others when they asked me tough question. All she did saved me from disgracing myself in front of 5 panelist. After the interview I waited till they closed just so i could say thank you.

When she came out around 7 pm she was more elegant and had this carriage that suits her age. I approached her and she recognized me immediately she was happy to see me and I thanked her. As I was about to leave she offered me a ride and being a very good conversationist that I am, I began to talk and she became very free with me. She told me a lot about her husband and his drinking addiction and how he neglected her S3xual needs. I tried comforting her with words and ended by saying she is 50 na her libido should be dead by now, she didn’t take offence but replied and said I cant handle her if we ever get down.

Fast forward to when I resumed, I realized she was the CFO of the organisation, now fear don catch me. I couldn’t even look her in the eye to start a conversation. I think she noticed and she called me to her office and was laughing at me and later told me she would like us to keep talking the way we did yesterday cause she doesn’t have much friends.


There was this day she was dancing to an old Fuji song in the office, her office is sound proof moreover it was already past office hours, i went to say goodbye, she called me to come in and didn’t let me leave. I thought to myself another free ride.

She jumped up at a point and had a nip slip, i mean both breast were literally out. I just closed my eyes, she fixed it and was smiling at me.

Since that time till now she has been showing massive cleavage anytime i’m around her. She has started calling me my dear and other staff are calling me omo mummy and they dont know what I am facing



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