‘My 17-Year-Old Sister’s Covenant With Her Lesbian Partner’


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My Sister’s Covenant With Her Lesbian Partner

It all started when she was about 12years or there about, she starts behaving like a boy, she hardly wears ladies wear, barbs her hair always, she can’t cook, can’t bath with her fellow girls, each time she finished bathing and wants to wear her clothes she orders any girl in the room out.

There was a day she was with the mum in the room and she wanted to wear her clothes, she told the mum to go out that she wants to wear her clothes, which the mum cautioned her. She later went and wore her clothe in the bathroom.

She’s 17yrs now. She has no male friend, she loves her fellow girls so much, whenever she sees a girl bathing or changing her clothes she’s always very happy but she can’t change in their presence.

There’s this girl she loves so much, she separated with the girl all because she saw her talking to a guy, any friend she makes once you talk to a guy or have a boyfriend she dumps you.


The reason I brought this here is that yesterday she was chatting with one of our sister that stays with me, two years older than her, she then opened up to her that she has gotten herself into a big mess, that there’s this girl she met when she went to visit one of our brothers in Lagos. She loves the girl so much that they both made blood covenant that there will never live each other till death, but now she no longer loves the girl, that the said girl has gotten a boyfriend and talks to guys so much which she hates.

That her love for her has died and she doesn’t know how to cancel the blood covenant they had.

I told my sister with me to ask her if they have had anything S3xually she said yes, they have been into so many S3xual activities.

Please is there anyway she can break the blood covenant? She’s my cousin sister and the one staying with me also my cousin.


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