MUST SEE!!! List Of Those Who Really Need The Valentine

MUST SEE!!! List Of Those Who Really Need The Valentine

List Of Those Who Really Need The Valentine

Valentine’s day is a few days away, as expected, there will be a lot of activities of pseudo love in the air symbolized with the touch of red that will be flying around on that day.

Faraway somewhere will be people who will want just the most basic food, clothing (even if it is black and not red), those who all they care about is someone to make an impact on their life. I think those kind of persons deserve more of valentine’s day love than the undeserving slay queens and mama looking forward to have a snip at your credit card.

To cut the long story; if you have the account details of any of the following categories of people or places, kindly provide it on this thread. To ensure such places really exist, you can snap their signboards and get their account details from them, that way people can remotely help them.

1. Orphanage Homes
2. Old People’s Homes
3. Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)
4. Young People who require assistance with schooling or vocation
5. Real people in hospitals unable to pay their bills
6. Individuals who need specific helps but not in any of these categories

These people or locations do not have to be in Lagos, my preference is actually for locations outside the big cities because those ones then to get lot more patronage than those in smaller towns in other states.

So when next you are driving pass an area and you see any of these categories of people, be kind enough to stop, take a picture of their signboard in such a way that the details of the place is shown (as proof that the place really exist), get their account details from them (must correspond with what is on the signboard)

Let us show some love; everyone.

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