MUST READ FOR EVERY YOUTH: My transformation from NOTHING to GREAT FORTUNE – Oginni Tolulope (OtunbaTransfurd) @OtunbaTransFurd @TransfurdFarms


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How My Starting Point Ascended To A Grate Fortune – Oginni Tolulope (OtunbaTrasnfurd)

Oginni tolulope is a young Entrepreneur(Farmer), he is the ceo of TRANSFURD FARMS NIGERIA, His company was awarded ”The Most Promising Agro-Business Of The Year” and he was personaly awarded ”The Young Farmer of The Year” on 29th November 2017, He decided to share his experience and his past with nigerian youths, via his facebook timeline, read what he said below:

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Today, 5th of December, 2017 is a special day to me. Do you know why? It marks the 5th year that I took a bold step that I eventually became proud of today.
So, I have decided to do something special.
Am sure you don’t know much about my life other than the fact that I am a Christian, a Farmer and a preacher of good tidings and that is how your life as well should be on social media. Keep your private life private.
Today, I have decided to inspire you for greatness by sharing a tip of an iceberg about my life. Don’t be shy to share your story for others to learn.
Before now, I have received alot of messages from friends asking me to tell them my story of how I found myself in the Agro business world and how i eventually became a farmer acknowledging the fact that an ugly guy, yes an ugly guy like me shouldn’t have end up becoming a Farmer. #hmmm ( I didn’t ask you to smile now. Ohhh you didn’t smile but you just did). So, follow my short story and be inspired.
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Alright!!! It all started in the month of August 2012 when I voluntarily resigned as a staff member from one of the most prestigious Breweries Company in African( name withheld). I worked with the company for 5 years. Tendering my resignation was one of the biggest decision have made so far knowing fully well that I am a recognized staff member in the company, and as a young guy, I earn big and I love my life because it was glaring that I have a promising career in the company. Now, you are wondering, why then did I resign? Keep calm
Now, let me share with you one of the best thing you can do in life. It is to develop yourself to the level where you can receive/hear from God as a person. If it cost you everything to achieve hearing from God, it worth it.
I heard God clearly in the month of March 2012, (five months earlier) before I eventually tendered my resignation letter in August 2012.
That beautiful mornig, God told me during my quite time to resign from the company without given me any reason why I should do that. At first, I said to myself, devil get ye behind me. I concluded at first that it was the voice of the devil who is trying to take me away from my place of happiness but because by His grace, I knew/recognized His voice, sooner after much struggle with God, I tendered my resignation in August. Afterwards, It took the management 4 months after series of interviews before they finally accept my resignation letter on the 5th of December,2012 only for me to hear a choking news around January 2013 the succeeding year of a terrible explosion that happened in my department that claimed the life of the person that replaced my position ( may his soul rest in perfect Peace ) and several other staff members in the department were injured. What a Loving and patient God who knows what tomorrow holds for us all. Thank God I resigned. When He is doing good for us we call it bad yet He His still loving. (Dansaki re Baba.)
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I therefore launched myself after my resignation to the unknown world. I relocated to Lagos, and I started adding value to myself. I opted for another degree in university of Lagos. While in unilag, I ventured into couple of businesses that groomed me up as a good business man and then I realized at that time that I was going to be a business man. Immediately after my convocation, I took another step all in the quest of acquiring more knowledge in the business world I found myself. So, I applied and got admitted to one of the best university to study for my Masters in “international business Management” in U.S.A.
One thing led to the other, my visa was denied at the last stage. WHAOOO!!! Did you just say that?? What an unexpected choke and a bad news for me. Are you asking why was it denied??( It is a story for another time but do endeavour to chat me up if you are considering studying abroad( I have lot of tips for you) or are you considering leaving Nigeria in search of the greener pasture that is at the back of your house? Let’s reason together. Have learnt a lot for both us to learn.
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he added……
To cut the long story short because of your time, God directed me to the Agro World after series of prayers and questioning like God why? why me? Why did they have to denied my Visa? but don’t forget that I told you that even when God is doing good to us, we call it bad. Since He is an unquestionable God, I closed my eyes ( although it was one of the worst moment of my life) I closed my eyes to what happened on my visa and I started my journey into this sector with nothing. I mean nothing as in no money to start up because I have spent a lot of money on my admission in USA but today, that Agric business that I started without money except only God ( who happens to be the only person I have and who is actually, the only person I needed), that business has given birth to my company “Transfurd farms” and for you to know that hearing from God and obeying whatsoever He tells you pays off even when it appears strange to human, I am glad to inform you that within few days of my emergence, my company has gone from nothing and it is gradually growing to becoming something. Just last week, my company received an award on the 29th of November 2017 as “THE MOST PROMISING AGRO-BUSINESS OF THE YEAR” and personally I also received an award for “BEING THE YOUNG FARMER OF THE YEAR”. Thanks to Teras Limited, Tope Babade and co, Transfurd management team, my mentors, my personal padi’s you know yourself and to you my ever loving friends on Facebook. I have not come to brag with these awards because I only considered myself as been privileged by God but I am sharing this to inspire you for greatness and to buttress the following underlisted points;
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1. The best thing you can do in life is to develop yourself to the level where you can hear/receive from God as a person. Life is too complex for you to do a guess work or gamble on your life. You need Him to make crucial decision if you don’t want to become slaves to all these fake ministers. Strive to build a good relationship with God starting now. Your success in life depends on that. You want to know how to build a good relationship with Him, let’s talk in my inbox. My response to your message might not be instant but I promise to attend to it.

2. White collar Jobs are good if God has led you there. Moreover, not everyone will be an entrepreneur. I have lot of people doing very well in their respective job but I advise you that if you don’t love what you are doing as a job, stop wasting your time. Be bold to quit and start something meaningful. The beginning might be rough but you can be assured that it will pay off just like mine but I repeat, be very sure God is leading you to quit else you might suffer it.

3. As usuals, feel free to communicate with me in my inbox if you have something important to discuss or if God has Inspired you to do something or to take a step but you don’t know how to go about it, we can prayerfully walk the path together.
Finally, Be inspired to do something big next year. You have dwell too long in that position.
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