Marriage And Its Challenges; My Wife Is Pushing Me To The Extreme” – (Read and Give Advice)


"I Have Worn This Engagement Ring Since Last Year, Yet No Introduction, No Marriage!"

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My Wife Is Pushing Me To The Extreme”

It’s no longer a story that pastors divorce their partners, imams divorce their partners, highly educated people do same and even the so called marriage counsellors are not left out in the order of the day and it has always been a thing of worry for me with the thought that they never loved each other before marriage but getting married has changed my thinking and has made me realised that marriage only takes the grace of God to work out.

I have been married for 3 years with 1 beautiful daughter with a loving wife (maybe before and some years into the marriage). I have always believed that I cannever raise my hand on my woman since my father never did such but I find it hard to believe I did the unimaginable today although It wasn’t intentional.

It was due to annoyance after she asked me to stop sitting at home and go work for more money like other men even though I am a federal worker with above 100k monthly income and still do personal work as a civil engineer apart from the federal job despite the lockdown…..

It really got me aggravated because I have been the one fending for the family and the kid for the past 3 years and never asked for a kobo from her…..

Although I have noticed the urge for very flamboyant life style in her lately and has even asked me to get more money at any means, that money is everything in this life even though I have tried telling her its a gradual process, she still doesn’t listen and even asked me to raise money for her to travel out of Nigeria.

I have never thought of raising my hands on any woman let alone my wife…..

Please how do I change her sudden mentality towards this sudden extravagant life style because I pray it doesn’t lead to something else since I can’t do illegal things to acquire the type of wealth she dreams of?


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