“Marlians Cult: The Mother Should Be Blamed For Poor Upbringing & Not Naira Marley”

I read:- My 15-Year-Old Daughter Is In Marlians Cult & Doesn’t Wear Pant To School – Mum Cries, with dismay various comments and solidarity given to the fail mother, who failed in her parenting duty, ascribing the failure in her duty as a mother to the influence of Naira Marely. The same way our politicians ascribe the failure in the governance to past administration. We can all see where she picked up her bulk passing behaviour.

There are many ills in our society that are going on, and which the children can easily pick up from the social media, the various cable TV, the peer group and so forth, brimming with ills.

These teenagers have access to them and can influence them when making choices, but it’s the duty of parents to teach their wards what norms and values expected of them.

In the western world that’s even worse, we had kids that are well behave and are not influenced by the ill of the society. So for a mother to come out to ascribe her child’s negative behaviour to a person or celebrity is exposing to the whole world her failure in her duty. I expected her to be reprimanded and not the icon.

The last time I checked, Nigeria is still a free society, and not a sharia governed society, and for those reprimanding the Marlians, may be we should call for a full blown sharia in all state in the country, so our kids can be well behaved so much for the moral police bunch of hypocrites.

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