‘Many Young Guys Were Disv!rg!ned By Pr0st!tutes In Nigeria’ – Opinion


Why We Cannot Stop Patronizing Pr0st!tutes - Abuja Men Confess
Well, coming from experience, I can say that many guys in Naija; especially those who are starting to becoming S3xually active lost their v!rg!nity on top of a pr0st!tute.

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I attended a boarding secondary school. When I was a senior, my friends would sneak out of the school and visit a brothel. They will come back afterwards and be bragging about it.

As young guys then na, who have just started to have wet dreams. Who were also well exposed to P0rn and stuffs. The easiest route to dousing such fantasy was getting laid with a S3x worker.

I was lured on several occasions. Even though the temptations were as high as Kilimanjaro, I was able to escape getting laid then. I and some of my friends couldn’t comprehend why we’d sleep with a pr0st!tute even though our joysticks were as hard as a cold molten lava.


At 17 we were already in the university. Met with many of our female folks. And the rest the say, is history.

I read a write-up on Twitter about these assertions, hence, this thread.


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