Manu WorldStar to break his 2-Year music hiatus


Manu WorldStar to break his 2-Year music hiatus

Manu WorldStar promises to return this year 2023 after taking 2-year music hiatus.

Speaking to Slikour, the musician opened up on the reason behind the break.

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“A couple of things led to me going away for a while. I realised that I had to restructure everything around me. I felt like there was a certain “confusion” around where I need to be placed. How I need to be pushed. Who I needed to be pushed with. I also needed time to accept and digest the mistakes I made in the past that landed me where I am today. I can say that now I am ready to release again,” he said.

“In order for me to find myself again. I had to completely lock myself up and be away from everyone and everything. That’s what I knew I needed to do. I needed to choose me for once,” he added.

In 2021, Manu released Short Story which features Gemini Major, after which he left Punchline Media label and management, Sony.

However, he is set to release new music all year.

“New music all year. We start in the first quarter.  It’s my season now!”

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 09:55 am

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