Love Is Not Always Sweet: 7 Years Marriage Experience


6 ways your relationship will change after marriage

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Love Is Not Always Sweet: 7 Years Marriage Experience

I decided to write this because I have come to realize that Love can get boring..

I remember when I met my husband , he was such a Nice and handsome Man. I mean I already decided if he ask me out I will say yes from the first day I met him but I still made him beg and purse me for a whole year before finally accepting to date him ..

6 months after our relationship we got married. and our marriage was bliss , I married a friend , we have our downs and quarell but we always make up before we sleep because of the fact that we made it compulsory that we must have a family prayer Every night , we usually settle most of our fights during these prayers ..

But sometimes marriages can get boring , you have gisted all the entire gist ,talk about everything talkable till there is actually nothing to talk about,. Then the husband starts drifting away .maybe he’s got a new friend or found a new love …sometime this new love might not be a person ,For instance my husband new love is politics..He’s always working and when he’s home he is either watching the News on Tv and even when he tries to talk to me he will be like “Baby can you believe what kai muhammad said again”..


And I’m just sitting like who and what is my concern with lai muhammad?… Yet he doesn’t see my reaction,he just continues to talk untill we fall asleep.i listen to him because I have to he is my husband.

The love flame was slowly wearing our ,I mean he no longer wants me to wait for him before I eat. .. if I call him to inquire when he is coming back home , he replies with “I don’t know but eat o.. don’t wait for me “…

How about the S3x life … What use to be mind blowing S3x is now just average .just because he’s had too much if it ..I could also say the same about me..I mean before seeing my husband in boxers turns me on but now even if he’s naked it doesn’t seem to move me

Hmmm but regardless I still love my husband. .I have sat him down many times and talked about spicing things up but you know Men… Anyways the moral of my story is that when you marry ..marry someone that even when he/she changes you would still love them because trust me they will….


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