Living Alone At 23, As A Single Lady, A Bad Idea Or Not?


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Living Alone At 23, As A Single Lady, A Bad Idea Or Not?

I’m not really someone who listens to what people say but I just want to share this so that y’all can air your views.

I’m a young girl, 23 and an orphan, dropped out of school and came to Lagos to make ends meet. When I first came to Lagos, I stayed with a married female cousin of mine, along the line, the husband started making advances to me which I politely declined. He got angry and told his wife to throw me out of the house, and yes she did.

I was thrown out of the house without anywhere to go and as someone who has survived losing both parents at such a young age, I literally lived and survived in the streets. Did all sorts of menial jobs, hawked purewater, soft drinks, worked in a bar and all that before I finally got an apartment.


The story isn’t quite necessary but when I get talking with people and I tell them that I stay alone, next thing I’ll hear is “you’re too young to stay alone… it’s not a good idea…blah blah blah. Some older woman even told me to go back to my cousin’s house and beg them so I can continue staying with them, another told me that it’s better I stay with my boyfriend than staying alone.

I really don’t understand all these talks, like despite all I’ve been through, isn’t staying alone the best option? Or is there something wrong with staying alone as a single young lady?

Your humble opinion is needed, thanks


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