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Welcome to Naijachoice Live Score Section, where you can see live scores of current matches…

iframe_width=650; //min. value: 500 iframe_height=850; background_color="fff";

links_color="060"; //menu links links_hover="c00"; show_menu=1; //[1] yes, [0] no

font_type="verdana"; font_size=11; font_color="000"; font2_color="aaa"; //started time, half-time, odds font3_color="c00"; //in-play score font4_color="c00"; //highlighted team, when goal is scored

table_head_background_color="069"; table_head_font_color="fff"; table_head_border_color="000"; table_head2_background_color="ddd"; //tennis court name table_row1_background_color="eee"; table_row2_background_color="fff";

timezone="+0"; //[-24 to +24] time difference from CET in hours