Lady Used For Money Ritual Runs Mad In Ogun


Lady Used For Money Ritual Runs Mad In Ogun

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A young lady who reportedly become mentally unstable mysteriously, on Friday stripped herself while barking like a dog in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

There were reports that the yet-to-be-identified lady might have been diabolically used for money rituals by suspected internet fraudsters.

The Ogun State police command confirmed the incident, saying β€œthe young lady in question was alleged to have been spiritually and diabolically used by a suspected yahoo boy, as a result of which she started barking like a dog.”

The Ogun State police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, informed that the victim, who was taken to police without any clothes on her, became β€œvery difficult to control because she was acting violently, hence she was kept in the cell.”
Lady Used For Money Ritual Runs Mad In Ogun
Oyeyemi said police had immediately contacted her parents, saying she was taken to the hospital with the help of the police.

He said β€œthe alleged Yahoo boy was immediately arrested for interrogation,” adding that the case which attracted a large crowd to the station was later transferred to the State CIID on the directive of the Commissioner of Police, CP Lanre Bankole.


However, Oyeyemi said the command was surprised and embarrassed to see the video of the victim circulating on social media.

β€œThe height of the embarrassment was the fact that the said video was recorded while the victim, who was then naked and uncontrollable, was in a police cell.

β€œIn view of this, the Commissioner of Police, CP Lanre Bankole has ordered a full-scale investigation to unravel the source of the video and how it became a subject of social media discussion.

β€œIt is barbaric, uncivilized and despicable circulating such video on social media as such will in no small measure denigrate the human dignity of the victim which might be another source of psychological trauma for her.

β€œThe Command has therefore vowed to deal with whoever found to be the source of the video and those behind its circulation on social media in the most decisive manner notwithstanding the status of the person,” Oyeyemi said on Friday.


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