“Ladies, Learn To Respect Yourself If You Want Him To Worship You Forever”


Here are 5 signs that you have rushed into your relationship

Don’t push yourself on any guy, place yourself on a platform of respect.. Don’t force any guy to love u, u wash his cloth, warm his body whenever he feels cold, S3x him whenever he is Hot, u cohabit with him when he has nt made any move to wife you. You don’t have a plan, no focus, all you know is him. You depend on him for everything you want, you have abandoned yourself and personal development.. All you just want his make him feel okay, he keeps achieving his but your own is halted.

Pu$$i loses value over time, it’s not worth invest your future on.. Wear and tear depreciation.

Some of you even abandoned your education for a guy because he is already rich, hence, you don’t need a certificate, you don’t need a skill, you don’t need any hustle… It will shock you when he starts treating you like a trash.

Short story:
I have a female frnd (Shola, nt real name), she has a frnd (bisi). Bisi met a guy when he was in school, well to do guy. Bisi got pregnant for him and she dropped out coz the guy is very okay… The guy even rented a shop for her and fast forward, he started misbehaving.. The girl na drop out, she no get any skill notin notin.. All she have is herself and what she offered the guy (pussy). Even their kid is with her mother since the guy has finally ignored her.. Bisi came to Shola now coz she needs a place to stay and a job.. Shola was like when Bisi dey enjoy her man, the money n all, Bisi no remember her but Shola helped her secured a job now sha..

My point :
don’t let any guy deceive you with I will take care of you.. I will set up for you, you don’t need any skill or cert… Don’t sacrifice your future for money, develop yourself…

Don’t let guys see you as an object of ridicule.. The truth is once serious guys hear that u r a single mother or hear a story that one guy housed u for like years and he didn’t marry, he will think twice about you..

Moreover don’t live your life for a man, live because you are a lady of value which no man can toss any how..

Be wise….. Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of love… Build yourself.. Respect yourself.. See ur man as a co-factor not as the main determinant..

We are all men and women of value



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