K.O takes legal action against Nota


K.O takes legal action against Nota

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K.O takes legal action against Nota Baloyi for allegedly labeling him a murderer.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper bared his mind to the public, especially on encounters with other artists.

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A couple of days ago, Mr CashTime trended on Twitter due to his beef with Lady Du.

He returned to Twitter to talk about people who toy with him because of clickbait.

“Don’t fk with nice people! They let go and let God and karma avenge them… lying on my name for click bait has legal consequences. This is a teachable moment,” he wrote.

K.O further spoke about being called a murderer, but he didn’t reveal the name of the person who accused him.

“Me not seeing eye to eye with some artists is just artist sh*t, they have every right to respond that’s the game. I took legal action against a maniac who egregiously called me a murderer. Hate me all you want but don’t peddle no sinister lies like dat bout me. Respect the law,” he wrote.

Despite not revealing anyone’s name, Twitter users were quick to call out Nota Baloyi.

Nota labeled K.O’s brother, Don Design a suspect after the CCTV revealing how AKA was killed surfaced on the internet.

“He never said you a murderer, he said your brother is supposed to answer on what happened to Forbes because he was hired to protect him and that Forbes hired him as a favour for you. Your brother never protected him that what he said,” a tweep reacted to the rapper’s tweet.

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 06:03 pm

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