Japa: Don’t Insult Nigeria If You Fall Under These Kinds Of People (Opinion)


Japa: Don't Insult Nigeria If You Fall Under These Kinds Of People (Opinion)
So everywhere you look these days, almost all the young people want to relocate a.k.a japa. What I find hilarious is the reason they always claim made them decide to japa but some of us can see through the crap they say! As far as I am concerned, what they lowkey plan to do when you get there is same as what these our politicians are doing in Nigeria.

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Yes! If you fall under these set of people, you have NO RIGHT to insult Nigeria because you o, buhari o and other politicians NO DIFFERENCE!!!

Over staying your visit visa: Believe it or not many of the people who make noise about japa, plan to use this illegal means to stay there. They are ones that are so quick to run to Twitter to talk down on Nigeria. They do these things yet they insult Nigeria politicians for doing illegal things. No be juju be that angry

Planning to marry your ancestor for papers: you are toying with people’s feeling because of your selfish gain. Just like how politicians do. They are currently toying with the people’s feeling because election is coming soon. As far as I am concerned I don’t any difference o!

Anyway, If you want to japa, japa……but my own is, just resist the urge to shalaye when you know your intention is part of the above things I mentioned tongue tongue tongue tongue


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