JAMB: How A Lost Sim Has Put My Brother In Jeopardy


JAMB: How A Lost Sim Has Put My Brother In Jeopardy

How A Lost Sim Has Put My Brother In Jeopardy

Greetings to elders, I have so much respect for this forum as person they struggle with one isissue I say ma carryam come elders forum.

It all began last 2- weeks when my brother wanted to apply for his P-UTME exam. But to do so the school he applied for required him to change his course as his cut off mark for the course he applied before hasn’t reached. This is necessary for him to be considered among those that will be shortlisted to Sit for exam.

We went to Jamb CBT to change his course and go ahead with the P-UTME registration. This is where The problems started unfolding. We Came to realize that he used my mum’s number to open his jamb profile, and the sad thing is that they had stolen my mum’s phone with that sim in it last two months. She lived for some weeks without phone before going ahead to buy a phone and a new sim.

So when the CBT guy told us that we will need that sim for change of course to be possible. We went to jamb office here in Kaduna and they confirmed the CBT guy statement. We went for the sim swap last monday but Mtn told us that since the sim pack wasn’t available she will have to do a court affidavit. We got the affidavit instantly but there was a lot of que when we go back to the Mtn office.

We have to leave it till Tuesday, we went early morning when it was her turn for the swap she went ahead but one surprising thing is that the same sim that she bought and registered by herself 5- years ago turned out to be displaying a different person pix with details.

That’s where real wahala start ooo, the Mtn agent told her that there is no way that sim swap will be done because it wasn’t her pix in the profile. He told her that what actually happens was that the people she bought the sim from where just business men disguising themselves as Mtn agent, they are just after to sale their sim card in order to gain profit. They will offer you a registered sim as unregistered and take you through the process of registering as if that was the exact Time the registering is taking place.

At the end we trird other Mtn offices but the same answer was given to us the only way out was to look for the person whose pix is displaying to come by himself and do the swapping. This is a person my mum has never met in her entire life she don’t even know him.

Remember that she was just a victim of a circumstance that’s beyond her control and anybody can fall for it. I can’t even comprehend how an innocent student will waste another year at home as result of a missing sim or number.

Pls I am begging on fellow elders in the house or anyone that has been in similar situation like this or know someone that has come across a similar problem and was able to solve it to pls help my brother out he has already wasted a year at home.

Pls help me out



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