J. Cole Paid For A Fan’s Meal After His Card Declined


J. Cole Paid For A Fan’s Meal After His Card Declined

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J. Cole helps a fan whose card got declined.

J. Cole is known to be one of the most humble artists, and the Dreamville boss once again shows an act of kindness. A fan shared a picture online where he revealed that the North Carolina rapper paid for his food after his card got declined. “so I went to get some food after work, my card declined, next thing I know j cole pays for it wooooow,” he wrote.

In the picture, Cole also showed his phone, in which he’s bumping to Drake’s “Overdrive” off the latest album “Honestly, Nevermind“. The rapper recently showed love for Drizzy’s latest studio effort and called it “Phenomenal”. “Man. This album is phenomenal. Point blank,” he wrote on his IG story.

In other news, Cole caught up with Jazzy’s WorldTV for a short interview with the 12-year-old. The two talked about Persistence and getting out of their comfort zone to get ahead in life. “Persistence is important because let’s say you want something really bad and you keep trying, and you keep trying, and you keep trying, and on the tenth try you don’t get it still, and you say ‘ahh okay it must be a sign that I need to stop doing what I need to do,’,” he said. “But what if you didn’t know that on your 11th try you would have made it? You would have made it happen and got what you wanted to get? So I feel like persistence is important because if you really truly love something and you truly believe you should just do it for the love and if you don’t get to where you’re going you still were doing something you love.”

“Getting out of your comfort zone is the fastest way for growth. It’s hard to grow when you’re comfortable. You’re not stretching yourself. You’re not stretching your limits you’re just in your comfort zone.”


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