“It’s Not Easy Picking One Woman To Settle Down With” (Opinion)


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“It’s Not Easy Picking One Woman To Settle Down With”

Yeah, its hard o. All girls are the same to me (when I say all girls, I only mean gorgeous girls)


But beauty aside, most girls are the same. They are just in different packages but once I look past the beauty and into the person I get discouraged…nothing makes her special than the last or the next even my current girl.

Only one girl ever stood out, beautiful, emotional intelligent, charismatic, funny, homely, ****** and she was smart about alot of things, we both Learnt new stuffs talking with each other, things most girls normally dont like. She is a big GOT and Kdrama fan and because of her I looked into Korean movies and culture even wrote two novels based on kdrama that I published. But she could kill if she got angry, very violent. she spoilt my stuffs, na there matter spoil with her anger. If she had stayed maybe we would have killed each other, but if she wasn’t violent she was a perfect fit. She has her own money (last born for that matter) and her family are well to do like mine, it would have been perfect.


I see my friends get married almost monthly but truth is their babes seem shallow to me, yes they are beautiful like mine but shallow. Me I cant cope o, after 1 months I will be bored of the entire marriage, if not for boredom I for dey with my babe and not here o grin

Guys how did you select your partner?

Me I am thinking this marriage is not for all o.



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