Is There A Businesses That Can Earn You ₦10k To ₦20k Per Day In Nigeria?


'Lai Mohammed Stole ₦100m Sent To Me By Igbo Businessman For Election' - Governor AbdulRazaq
Saw this somewhere and i decide to bring it here, you might give one or two good response. Someone might need it tomorrow .


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Hey guys,
Let’s do something worthwhile today…

Something that could benefit you, me, and a whole lot of people for many years to come…

I’ve been thinking about this for many years…and Nairaland looks like the perfect platform to get numerous ideas.

I want everyone with knowledge & experience to (please) participate:

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, what BUSINESS can one venture into with a capital of N50,000 – 500,000…


…that can bring in a daily profit of N10,000 – 20,000 (That’s N200,000 – 600,000 per month profit)?

Any idea is welcomed; whether physical or digital business, virtual or on-site…

Let the ideas flow in!

Best if you can provide brief details of how to go about it and necessary requirements.

Thanks for your time!


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