“I’m so in love,” Moshe Ndiki welcomes another baby


“I’m so in love,” Moshe Ndiki welcomes another baby

Moshe Ndiki starts the year by buying a new pet whom he is in love with.

The radio personality got himself a puppy in August 2022, following the demise of the one he got early last year.

He’s added to the family of his pet by buying another puppy which he unveiled on Instagram on Monday night.

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“Welcome to the family Hue(lettes) Ndiki.. another addition to my family… Ey bandla …andizali andizali maaan,” Moshe captioned photos of the new puppy.

The names of the puppies are, Sulezinyembezi Sweetness and Huelettes Cinnamon Ndiki.

Speaking about his first night with Hue, Ndiki wrote:

“First night with Huelettes Aghr I’m so In love , what a precious baby. Just going to work right now doesn’t feel alright but work is work 🥹 @sueandhue Big brother Sue is still trying to adjust but is not make sure, I just love how gentle he is with her (mostly avoids her) better than barking at her and scaring her. I think we are gonna be alright.”

See video and photo below:




Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 09:36 am

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