“I’m being harassed and bullied by her fans” – Sarah Martins calls out May Edochie


im being harassed and bullied by her fans sarah martins calls out may edochie NaijaChoice

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Nollywood actress , Sarah Martins is still quite restless over the lawsuit May Edochie filed on her.

Taking to her Instagram page, Sarah shared a video of her Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze where she addressed the photoshopped image.

In the interview, the upcoming actress had tendered an apology to May for photoshopping her, her children with her husband, Yul Edochie ad his second wife and son.

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She also noted how she apologised to May for any words she uttered against her that might seem offensive.

She wrote,
“Swipe to see the honest post made by a renowned lawyer not a fraudster posing as a lawyer!

In this video I clearly apologised to your ‘supposed queen’ if she found my photoshopped picture offensive even when she didn’t ask me for an apology!

At the end of the Live show, I wrapped it up with yet another another apology to the same “supposed queen” if I uttered any word against her knowingly or unknowingly!

You can see clearly, I wasn’t the one that made the utterances she claimed I made!

One Ms or Mrs Sandra James was the one that said all your “supposed queen”, claimed I said.

No! I won’t keep quiet especially when I am being insulted, harassed and bullied by her so called fans over what I didn’t do.

Today, I was physically harassed by her aggressive and uncultured fans and I won’t tolerate such behaviors against me again!


Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 05:20 pm

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