I’m Already An Independent Business Woman – Outgoing Miss Nollywood International


I'm Already An Independent Business Woman - Outgoing Miss Nollywood International

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The outgoing Miss Nollywood international Queen Karina Simon Poripo was on interview as she passes vote of confidence on the miss Nollywood beauty pageant Organization.

My name is Queen Ayebakarinate Simon Poripo but I love being called Queen Karina Poripo.
I'm a graduate of Philosophy and my masters is in international relations, I am a God First kind of Girl, I'm a self motivated person I need no motivational speech to put me back on track, I love children, I love self time.

How would you describe your reign as Miss Nollywood international?

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I had one of the best reign ever, God really helped me I made so many beautiful memories.
Thought the first 6 months of my reign was more of getting back on my feet because in January 2022 immediately after my crowning I had an accident and my right hip bone pulled out and my right shoulder pulled too so it was more of healing process for me but immediately my feet were back on the ground I made history. I'm so grateful to God for life.


During the contest, what do you think stood you out from other contestants?

I had the charisma, in philosophy we were taught to be confident with your answers even if you know you're wrong or not making sense…..so I was very confident, I answered every question I was asked correctly, I had spent weeks and weeks practicing my speech presentation! I read books and watched documentaries on past beauty Queens,In camp I was the best in catwalk and I was very composed, lol! I'll say I came prepared and I had the backing of the Holy Spirit.

What was your major challenge during the contest?

I can't really say there was any, the Miss Nollywood Team was always there to answer our every need.

Can you refresh our memory about your most cherished experience during your reign?

7th October 2022 I held a teenage outreach in my state, Bayelsa tagged Teenage outreach with Queen Karina, I had so many persons in and out of Government come support me, it was a dream come true for me because I reached out to Teenagers and Mothers raising teenagers, I had always wanted to talk to young people teach them a lot of things and provide educational support for them which I did, a lot of educational items were giving to them and a medical outreach program was also done for everyone on ground that day, drugs were administered and that was one of the best day of my reign.

What motivated you into pursuing modeling as a career?
You know mothers always have a way of knowing the path their children will choose, recently my mom was telling me when I was a child I'll always tell her what to wear me and sometimes when she dresses me up I'll tell her I don't like it, it' too short or the colors are not my favorite, according to her she knows I'll choose the fashion world,
I love everything fashion though I'm very selective with what I wear right from childhood, I love been on the frontline and knew no matter what I studied I'll end up becoming a Model, Model coach or a Movie Star, it's so unfortunate that my modeling career has come to an end because of the injury I sustained from the accident which has affected my right hip but to God be the glory My movie career is just about kick starting.

How long have you been modeling?
10 years.

What are the key things you have learnt from your reign as a beauty queen?

As a celebrity there's always a certain way people expect you to live your life but not withstanding..
I've learnt to live my truth, I've come to the realization that nothing lasts forever not even people so I enjoy every moment I get to spend with anyone because it might just be the last.

How has winning Miss Nollywood International impacted your life?

Have always wanted to be a movie star which I know I will become one day, Miss Nollywood Crown didn't give me any movie role as I thought it would but it gave me a lot of opportunities, I met people dyne-ties, I was honored in high places and it gave me the platform to give back to society.

What is your take on beauty pageants, there are a lot of them nowadays?

The idea of pageantry is beautiful, it teaches young ladies about class, poise, public speaking and other beautiful things, they might teach a woman how to gracefully lose.
There are a lot of great things a beauty pageant may teach a young lady that they will never forget and will help them in real life.
I love beauty pageant because it has to do with beauty and brains and if you're not educated you cannot be a beauty Queen quote me anytime.
I hear a lot of negative stuff about beauty pageant but hey…
It makes young women feel beautiful in their skin and it doesn't matter if you win or not but just competing, you feel beautiful.

Yes there are a lot of pageants here and there, lots of them are scam that after winning they don't give the winners the prizes rather they brainwash you to believing their lies. Young women has to be very careful in the aspect of choosing which pageant to contest.

Looking back at the period of your reign, what will you say you achieved?

My greatest achievement was giving back to society and yes I made new friends and experience beautiful memories, it was a platform that opened doors for me.

Who are your role model and why?

King Tonto Dike. I love that woman, I love how she is able to set a legacy for herself in the movie industry then becoming a single mother and doing politics at the same time!
She's a strong woman, I probably see her that way because I also see myself becoming a politician in the future.

How will you describe your personal style?

Simple and Classy
No much makeup, no too much colors just appreciating beauty in it simplicity and the confident it gives.

Now that you will be handing over, what are the next step for you?

Dive into the movie industry build a career for myself in film making which has been my childhood dream….

If you could change the hands of clock, what would you have done differently?

Nothing absolutely!
each time I look back I'm happy that the hand of God is made evident upon my life, I'm super happy with how far I've come and the mistakes of the past are the reason why I'm standing strong today, it can only get better.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I'm already an independent business person and five years from now I want to look back and see that I have built a legacy for myself, I want to see young women aim to be like me someday.

Finally, what advice do you have for upcoming models that dream of becoming a beauty queen?

Have a role model in the modeling field, one you can have access to, it's important to have a person who can show you the way, A person whose values and actions you can emulate. That's what a role model is. They act as a guide and they are also someone you look up to.
The problem with young models these days is that they are so disrespectful and so inpatient
Dear girl be patient and trust the journey, believe in yourself and when you go on stage own the stage, love what you're doing and always pray.

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I'm Already An Independent Business Woman - Outgoing Miss Nollywood International

I'm Already An Independent Business Woman - Outgoing Miss Nollywood International

I'm Already An Independent Business Woman - Outgoing Miss Nollywood International

I'm Already An Independent Business Woman - Outgoing Miss Nollywood International

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 05:38 pm

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