‘I’m About To Abort A 4-Month Pregnancy Today But I’m Scared!’ (Please Advice)


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I’m About To Abort A 4-Month Pregnancy Tomoro, My Babe Is So Scared! Help Pls

i got my girfriend pregnant since september, and it really got me crazy..

when it was 2 months, we tried to abort it, and so we met a chemist who gave her drugs and injection, he told us that the blood we rush out, but it did rush out just small and stopped.. So it did not work even after i paid him 8k..

now, we are about to carry out D & C abortion tomorow, but she keep saying she is scared.. Even me, i’m scared too..

i don’t know what to do..

please, don’t feel bad reading this, i only need advice on this, it is a wrong move but my mind is already made up to do it..

how i wish i can just allow her to birth it..

though, one of my mind is still telling me to keep it, but how can i be able to take care of her and the baby?

And she is just my side girlfriend, not my real babe..
pray for me, i need strenght this moment to take the right decision..



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