If You’re Given an Opportunity To Do A Surgery On Any Body Part, Where Would It Be? And Why?

If You're Given an Opportunity To Do A Surgery On Any Body Part, Where Would It Be? And Why?

Which Body Part Would You Get A Surgery On??

Forget, na everybody wan fine oo abi no be so?, boya na to straighten your legs ni abi na silicon you wan put for breast abi yansh, abi to look like doll.

Surgery (body enhancement), has become a THING in The Nigeria entertainment industry especially the ladies, moving from booty enhancement, plastic surgery to beautify the face.

Few days ago, famous Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Okuneye popularly know as “Bobrisky”, has successfully completed his booty surgery which was done outside of Nigeria.

So if you are to have a surgery to enhance any part of your body, where would it be and why?

Me: If possible, a surgery to increase my height.

We await your RESPONSE in the comment section below


  1. I don’t think I’d ever want to do stuff like that but if I have to I’d add to my ass and boobs🙈😂😂

  2. Mouth. Cus, the mouth have caused a lot of problem. And it has eaten a lot of rubbish at a given time.

  3. My tummy and my butt my tummy is way too big can hardly touch my toes and my butt is so flat my clothes don’t fit me it’s so frustrating honestly.

  4. I think it’s my head i don’t really like the shape of my head I want my head too be round so I can keep any type of hair style

  5. I will like to add just little to my height and secondly for hynia wey dey give me serious concern,one thing is women are never satisfy.artificial nails,hair,face(makeup go make some resemble joker),eye brows and lashes,even there eyebubs dem no like black colour another colour is needed(red,pink,and etc)but for d nya…..& bres…..why una won punish men abi una won carry am go party for great beyond?na question i ask ooo

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