To The Guys: If She Is Not Yours Don’t Go Nude With Her


To The Guys: If She Is Not Yours Don't Go Nude With Her

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If She Is Not Yours Don’t Go Nude With Her

I know many men will not agree with me on this but it bothers me not.

As it should be, you shouldn’t be S3xually related to every opposite gender you come in contact with as you need to be able to control your lust and negative desires.

Some men don’t even usually think about their woman whom you have promised never to betray with another woman.

Apart from the fact that some women are not S3x-able possibly because they carry some S3xually transmitted disease or some other unseen spiritual bodies, the fact that she is not yours and that she is already taken you don’t need to want to have a taste of her.

You approach her and she turned deaf hears to your approach doesn’t make her immature like most of us usually term those that say no to our approach.

This is not to say if she is not taken you are free to ask her out with hidden and deceptive motive especially if you are already in another relationship.

I think we will be better when we start putting ourselves in our partner’s shoes.

When we start considering their feelings when we get caught and when we assume our self as the victim and not our partner who is still loyal against all odds.


As men we are more jealous, yet, we are caught in the act more. We most times cannot even imagine how it is when another man is sleeping with our woman but we are always over excited to sleep with someone else’s woman.

This is not to justify any woman’s infidelity irrespective of her status and I know some times women tempt some men and we give up when the temptation becomes irresistible.

Believe me, no one is a saint, we are all striving to be better and it is our wish to stay glued to one woman.

Most of we men usually say we get tired of eating one particular food all the time which is why we cannot stay with just one woman for a long time, but the moment we realize that women are not food and some foods are poisenous to our good health is when we will learn to control what and how we eat what we eat.

This time let’s forget the fact that she accept our own approach despite the fact that she is already in a relationship, let’s consider the feelings of the man she is in relationship with, remember it could be you too as you don’t know what your own woman is doing behind you which you don’t want to bother yourself to think about because of trust, but have you forgotten the man of the lady you are going nude with also trust her?

The moment we all start resisting this temptations the better the human race will be, remember kamal is a bitch like many will say, protect your daughter’s future with your good acts towards other ladies out there, don’t be over-protective of your own daughter when you try different styles with other ladies out there, she will get to that stage one day and it is very possible she receives all you have done with other women. She is the best to receive either the reward or punishment of your deeds.

This is my opinion, kindly add your contribution as it is important to me.


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