“I Never Wanted To Have S3x With Her On Her First Visit But This Happened” (Read And Give Advice)


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I Never Wanted To Have S3x With Her On Her First Visit


I met her when she came for her IT at my place of work. One day I collected her number but I didn’t call her till she finished her IT and went back to school.

One day I called to inform her that I will like us to go into a relationship which she accepted. I told her that l’m not looking for a girlfriend but a wife. I asked her if she has a boyfriend but she said yes but she will never marry the guy because there are some things she will consider in terms of marriage.

I called her to visit me but she was doing promise and fail. I told her that I’m not inviting her for S3x that S3x is nothing for me. She said okay, that I should send transport money, I tried using my phone to transfer 2k for her but it was not going, so I told her that it was not going she said I should go and use ATM but I told her that I don’t have that time that she should borrow from her roommate and come or she should forget about coming until when I will be able to use my phone to do the transfer. So that evening she called that she will come the next day being Sunday that she borrowed money from her roommate.

When she came on Sunday I put movie for her and kept my self busy with my laptop, she started feeling sleepy which I told her to go and sleep on the bed which she went, after I was through with my laptop I asked her if I can join her she said yes, I now joined her in the bed before we knew it we started K*ssing and romancing each other and we had S3x.


After the S3x she said that but you told me you don’t like S3x I told her I like S3x but I don’t take it serious. She said okay I understand. I now took her out spent like 3k, the following morning I gave her 4k for her transport and she was happy.

After one week she called that I should send her airtime I told her that am not sending she said okay without being angry, when she visited for the second time she asked why did I refuse to send her card I told her that I don’t like sending card to people she said okay. So am seeing her as people, i told her don’t worry any time I feel like I will send to her, but she said if i send it that she will send it back to me.

I asked her about her boyfriend she said that she has ended the friendship but my mind is telling she is lying, she cleaned my house and cooked for me before going back to school that she doesn’t want me to be eating outside, she asked me to give her money to do hair which I gave her 3k for both her transport and the hair, she said the money is small but she Will add her own so she collected it without any issue.

Am not the type that use to call every day but she asked me to be calling her every day to make our relationship grow stronger, she was telling me the other day that she will visit me one day without telling me to see if I have another girl.

Please is this girl really serious with this relationship or she just wants to use me?



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