‘I Mistakenly Sent 100k To My Girlfriend’s Dad’s Account’ (Please Advice)


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‘I Mistakenly Sent 100k To My Girlfriend’s Dad’s Account’

So one of my clients wanted to transfer 100k to me for a subscription fee, for some reasons I didn’t want him to send it to my main account so I told him I’ll send him an account to send the money to.


My girlfriend was with me, so I asked if I could use her account and she agreed. (PS: I use her account number a lot and we’ve been dating for a long time so I trust her with such amount) . So I told her to send me her account number, but she was watching a movie and requested I check my bank app beneficiaries. I checked and reluctantly copied the account number without checking properly seeing the account name had her surname on it, I didn’t check the rest.

My client transferred the money and almost 24hrs my girlfriend still didn’t receive the money so I contacted him and he sent a screenshot of the transfer which I forwarded to her. Immediately she saw it she shouted! That’s her dads account number, I know I used to send her money through he’s account some years back so I saved he’s account details. She quickly called him and that’s when she heard the shocker.


He said he thought it was he’s friend abroad, so they used the money to buy food stuff and what is left is 40k or less, her mom was even pleading if they can send the 40k. My GF has been crying and begging that I should give them time to raise the money or I should sell her phone. Her entire family members have been calling me and I refused to pick, I just want my money back complete.

How can you use money you didn’t verify the source in less than 24hrs? Her Mom is a pastor and Father is an elder but this is stealing! Did you call your friend abroad to ask before using the money? Her dad is retired without pention so I know for sure they don’t have a way of raising the money.

After much pleading I asked her to tell them to send the 40k and send the rest before the week runs out, that’s when they told her they can’t do transfer and it has to be on Tuesday. At this stage, I just concluded they spent all that money, I’m trying to stay calm but at the same time not be foolish. My friend is asking me to involve the police but this will certainly hurt my relationship. Please how should I follow this matter, I need mature advice please. 100k is not something I can dash anyone right now.



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