“I Married Into The Wrong Family. My Wife Slept With A Yah00 Boy, Exchanged Nudes”


Is Love Enough To Stop One From Cheating?

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I Married Into The Wrong Family.. (true Story)

As I type this, it’s with tears in my eyes.. I am pained, they’ve done everything bad to me.. Sincerely, I don’t deserve this ill treatment have gotten from this family…

It is gonna be a very long read but I know you will learn a thing or two from this..

I might not be able to touch everything but if you feel there is something I need to share and I didn’t, point it out and I will shed more light on it….
This may seems a bit lengthy but you should learn one or two lessons from it..

I come from a not broken not memded marriage same as my wife but hers was worse than mine..

My father used to be a rich man. When car dealing was very lucrative, he was a top notch car dealer in akure.. So along the line, he started fornicating.
His was on another level, he always take them abroad to sleep with, shop for them and do every every.. We are five in my family, I being the first born..

I had to train myself through university with photography with the help of my mum too. I remember when I was looking for project money, one of my father’s wife, the one that went to give birth in Dubai just came back and they were doing naming ceremony.. I could remember I was in the rain with my mum and they were pointing at us, though we couldn’t hear what they were saying.. How did I raise my project money? Sponsoring 5 kids wasn’t an easy task since 3 of us was in the university. So I went with my to her work place, she was a nurse so we collected all the aprons used during immunization and washed them.. Then I also hustled to complete the money…

It was a very rough and tough life but all along, we didn’t even seem like someone who has a father..

Let me jump to the reason for this thread..

I vowed never to allow whatever happened in my family happen to me in the future..

I met my wife when I was in 200 level.. I was 23 and she was 21..


I was blinded by love cos she was beautiful. Initially when we started out, things were fine. I was doing well for myself as a photographer. then from forgetting pant to bag to clothes, we started living a couples life..

The way I wired myself right from inception,i don’t drink, I don’t smoke and believe, I don’t womanize.. I don’t even watch football.. I am an extreme introvert..

So I started noticing that when it is past 11 or 12am,she will sneak out to club, it took me time to notice this cos I always sleep early. When I noticed this and tried to stop her, she will get angry and just leave the house at night, one day, I almost got shot by our vigilante and that day, I vowed to drive her away. She apologized prosefuly and promised to change..
Well, it seems she changed..

Fast forward to 6yrs later, we got married and today, eight years later, we are blessed with two beautiful kids, a 4yrs boy and 2yrs girl.. They are beautiful and adoring..

Now something happened to me last year.. I lost everything I owned.. I was doing well for myself, I have workers, owned a car and was building myself a nice house. Everything went down the drain.. Everything.. I went to pray about what was happening to me and I was told to fast for some days that some secrets will be revealed to me..

Well I did and the revelation started pouring in..

While we still dating, not married then, my wife was doing runs and I didn’t even know, this is how I got to know..

One of the yahoo guys he dated back then, he slept with her and gave her money. But she was not satisfied with the money he gave her so while that guy went into the bathroom, my wife took the money he intend to buy fuel with and ran away. According to the guy, when he tried to trace her on foot, Sars nabbed him. He spent close to 2million before he could get off their hook so since then, he vowed to kill her anytime he sees her.. Fortunately for him, he saw her on Facebook and then use a wealthy Nigeria young rich Nigerian picture to message her.. And they started talking.. In a week, they’ve started sending nudes to each other. And she was already planning how to leave me and the kids and flee with her new lover.. This time around, we are not together cos when things got unbearable, she left with the kids to her parents place.. She said she can’t go to mine..

Don’t know how but this guy knows me, I was very popular in the state I was cos of the work I do.. So when he went through my wife’s Facebook, he saw our wedding pics and he was disappointed..

Believe me, I was very hardworking and for 7years, she didn’t work, I was sponsoring her expensive lifestyle and I didn’t even feel it a bit.. There was a time I told her to learn event management since I am a photographer, we can always work together, she said she is to fragile to work or learn anything.. But last year, she decided to learn fashion designing.. So this guy sent me all their 2months plus chat.. Where she badmouthed me just to gain Favour.. It was so damning.. She badmouthed my mom,.

So when the guy made his intention known to her and that he has sent me all their chats.

While they were chatting, she already told the mom that she has found a very rich guy..the guy even told her to break up with me and she did, someone she hasn’t met before.. So when she broke up with me, I called her mom and told her, her mom was like, I should go and look for something good doing and forget about love for now.. Now when the whole issue came out, the mom came to where I was with some people and started begging that it was the devils handiwork..

Well, I don’t wNt my kids to go through what I went through so I forgave her.. God was answering my prayers and things started picking gradually.. I went to meet them, took them all out and did shopping for them..


I was planning on how to relocate them to where I was…

Now this is the revelation..

My wife has been used,thats the fact…
My photography business first collapsed.

I did about 5 businesses that just one of it can make me a millionaire, every business collapsed.. The more I sleep with her, the more things become worse for me…

All these revelation came after I was told to pray and fast..

When things started picking gradually for me this year, I payed for a shop 300k,it was almost my son’s birthday.

So I went to see them.. We slept together, I came back after the birthday.. Could you believe, I was chased away from that shop and till now, I was only able to recover just 50k from the money..

Before my mom’s birthday again, I was doing some business and it started picking. Went for my mom’s, she came for the birthday too, we slept together, and when I came back to my business, the war I fought was unfathomable.. It collapsed too..

I am a very prayerful person and believe me, in the 8yrs we’ve been together, I never slept with another woman. I sweared with everything they gave me cos they couldn’t believe me..

Before my daughter’s birthday, God was merciful to me and I started another business.. I was warned severely never to sleep with her again.. Till now, my business is gradually picking and am able to send them money for upkeep and my kids school fees….

Now this my wife have an immediate younger brother who is a travel agent, I remember last year I introduced a friend to him and even vouch and stood for him that nothing will go wrong..

Truly he did this guy’s traveling to Dubai and the guy went.. But we didn’t know what happened and this guy came back.. Maybe he was deported or not, nobody knows but this my friend came to arrest me and I was told to produce my Inlaw.. He came and we were both locked up for 3days..along the line, the matter got settled, I parted with some money after selling one of my equipment. And he too also raised some money.. So this year, when things were already picking up for me, he got into another problem and this time, they were gonna jail him, so I borrowed him 100k and he promised to pay them 50k monthly till he complete the payment..
It was a travel gone sour though I know some people he has done traveling for and they are doing fine in their respective country of choice.

So this year, someone decided to help me travel out, he gave me UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA admission processing fees, it was 120cad, but I gave this my Inlaw 150$ believing that atleast, since I am his Inlaw and have done him alot of goods before nothing will go wrong..
That was in August..

Fast forward to 2days ago, I messaged University of Manitoba since I wasn’t getting any update, and I was told my application was not submitted neither paid for, I almost collapsed… So what he did was doctored some documents and sent to me and I believed him..
Right now, I am in a fix..

About my wife’s promiscuity, I have all evidence of their chat..

After forgiving her over that chat, when I went for my daughter’s birthday, I wanted to go through her phone, she gave me a heavy fight that I can’t go through her phone, the phone I bought for her with my money..

When she slept, I opened it with her Fingerprint.

The chats there are so damaging. Some have slept with her and still wanting to do more, some she is already negotiating with.

She works in a beer parlor now and she is already using waist beads, she knows I hate these things..

I can’t tell it all but if you have a question to ask, or anything you think I missed, ask me and i will tell you the truth..

My Inlaw hasn’t pick my call to tell me why that happened..

If you think this is a fabricated story,
I have all evidences.
If enough people ask for it, I will release it here..


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