“I Have Turned Into An Introvert Because Of This My Scar” (Pictured)

Good day all. I’ll try to be brief and detailed.

I had to open a new account to stay anonymous because most of my friends come here to read news.

Pardon my english please. It all started in April of 2018. My friend told me that there was this trader nearby who needed our help to move her container shop. I think we were 6 in number or so that went to do the job. After which we were paid 400 naira each, some got 300.

While moving the container to the spot she directed us, the guy beside me left the container without informing me or should I say his hands slipped off. (Only God knows). The container gave me a deep sharp cut on my left arm.

There and then, I was rushed to a nearby chemist store to dress the wound, at the expense of the owner of the container, but I refused to take tetanus injection. For more than 6 months, the wound was taking forever to heal.

Around October 2018, My mum took me to one hospital near our house. It was when the doctor told us that the wound has already been infected, that was why it refused to heal or close up, and that the alternative was to cut off the infected surface and then stitch it up. After all and all, my mum paid 2 to 4k, (I’ve forgotten the exact amount). I was booked for operation on Friday morning.

I got to the hospital around 10 in the morning. The doctor gave me some injections on my left arm. She told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. Before then, I think I saw one of the nurses giving her the surgical blade (very sharp). There and then, she proceeded to cut of the infected surface, which I think lasted roughly 1 hour. After that, she began to stitch it up. I could feel what was going on but I don’t think it hurt me either, maybe it was because of the injection. When she was done, she used plaster to cover it up and told me to be coming for injections for one week.

After one week, I went back to the hospital, where one of the nurses had to remove the plaster and surgical thread after bombarding my buttocks with injections for 7 days. After some days, I noticed the surface began to inflate on a daily basis. We went back the hospital and the doctor told my mum to buy what the Igbos call Abuba Eke (snake skin) to rub on the surface. After using it for some days, I noticed it wasn’t working, which means it was not the original Abuba Eke.

Fast forward to March of 2019, we went to another hospital, where we met one doctor like that, I can’t remember what they called him but I think he’s in charge of skin related issues. (That was not before paying 2k for card). Even after explaining our predecament to him, he still insisted we should get the card.

After that, he directed us to Orchard Pharmacy, to go get one injection like that. It’s sold for 2k and the bottle is very small. He said it would be the best treatment, that after giving me the injection for like 2 or 3 times, it would flatten the scar, because it was a keloid scar and that if I should decide to operate on it, which he would advise us not to, that it might still come back after sometimes in a bigger form. All this made me scared.

Well, we came back with the bottle injection which he gave me 3 times right beside the scar, it was very painful but I am a man. After sometimes, I noticed the scar got inflated and was like about to get burst. When we got home, It was now flatter than it was. Due to money issues, we didn’t go back to the hospital. (Chai, I must make am)

Now, I am very confused at this point. I don’t know if I should go to the village to collect the Abuba Eke (snake skin) my grandma bought to be using on the scar or we should go back to the hospital (in search of the man, that’s if he’s still there) to collect the remaining injections.

I know my case is not the worst and I still have hope because I believe, My current situation is not my final destination.

Please I need your help and contributions.

NB: Please don’t come here to tell me to go and make money first, as if money equals peace of mind.

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