‘I Engaged My Girlfriend Last Year, Now I Am Thinking Of Calling Off The Engagement’ (Please Advice)


‘I Engaged My Girlfriend Last Year, Now I Am Thinking Of Calling Off The Engagement’

Please I will need your constructive opinion on this. Been battling with this thoughts for some time now.

I engaged my girl last year. Reason why I did engage her was because I saw her intent to be with me. I have seen her gave out her cash to help get somethings for our new apartment. She has even used her cash to buy some properties she wants in the house when we get married.
She has stood and defended me to her family on why she is getting married to me. She has really earned my trust and never regretted engaging her. She is one girl that every man will like to have as wife

In the course of our relationship months back, I noticed there is this guy that call her. I questioned and she said is just a friend. I have told her I am not comfortable with the call. Yes I have listened to the calls and it doesn’t sound serious
On 25th Dec I place a call across to her phone and she wasn’t picking. She later told me reason why she didn’t pick.
While we were together I noticed she didn’t pick cos she went out with the same guy I have been complaining about. I got to know via a pic.
She has insisted nothing serious is going on.
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I was so angry and I needed to take her phone and check up something. We struggled with the phone and she injured her nails.. She is saying I am a woman beater and I have anger issue.

She started keeping to herself and phone and was bold to tell me that this action of mine has succeeded in killing the feelings she has for me.

She has asked for time to get her mental health back and for close to two weeks now we haven’t been flowing well..

I have tried to talk to her so we fix this shit but she said she needs time.

I have decided to give her the time she needs while I focus on something else. Yes, I miss her

I won’t lie, is emotional for me and someone is currently trying to fill her vacuum by being all nice. I am getting closer to her, but my heart still yearn for my fiance.

I don’t know if I am doing the right thing by being close to another lady. I don’t know if I should belivee her that she has lost feelings for me and move on.
I need your advise.

Sorry for the lengthy post



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