“I didn’t pay him,” Penny Lebyane drags DJ Fresh for lying and bullying her

“I didn't pay him,” Penny Lebyane drags DJ Fresh for lying and bullying her

Penny Lebyane labels DJ Fresh a liar and a bully.

The DJ claimed that Penny and Ntsiki Mazwai paid R80 000 and R200 000 respectively after winning a case of defamation against them.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Lebyane says she knows nothing about what the DJ said, as she never dragged him neither did she pay any money.

“I never mentioned his name in my post. He dragged me into a matter that didn't involve me and Where did I pay R80 000? What would I be paying him for? I was not a respondent in his case, they dragged my name into Ntsiki's case. Mina ngingenaphi? I never called him a rapist,” she says.

“I am not a respondent in their matter. I had a right to go and ask why my name was included in the case. He is constantly talking bullshit about me. This is annoying. I had every right to go to court. Behind the scenes, he said he made a mistake by including my name.”

“Why must I pay legal fees for? I wasn't going to sit and let him talk about me and include me in his case with Ntsiki. Nobody cares about my version of events. So I must pay for defending myself from a bully who has been bullying me for years.”

The broadcaster says DJ Fresh is being obsessed, and he needs to stop involving her or mentioning her name.

“I didn't fuck*&g pay the guy. He must fuck off. I didn't fuck*&g pay him. He must fuck off. He needs to stop gloating. I don't know who paid him. He never got a cent from me. All I did was go to court and ask why my name is included in the case.”

“I didn't build my name by slandering people. Everyone thinks I was with Ntsiki and I called him a rapist. I didn't do that, which is why he didn't sue me. He dragged me into Ntsiki's case. I am tired of being painted as a crazy woman. I am tired of it. He was giggling in that podcast; I saw a clip. I'm not watching it. He always drags me into his shit and no one says anything about it. I didn't call him a rapist. People need to call him out. He is obsessed. He needs to get over it,” she added.

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 07:15 am

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