“I Checked Her WhatsApp. Should I Advise Her, Play Along Or Leave Her?” (Please Advice)


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“I Checked Her WhatsApp . Should I Advise Her , Play Along Or Leave Her?”

I met this pretty damsel before the covid19 outbreak around Jan, 2020. We didn’t meet until September. I paid her a visit at her apartment.


The rest is history. I am in love with this girl. She went through my WhatsApp few days ago, we had a light argument and matter was settled.

Tonight out of curiosity i accessed her whatsapp and my head has been spinning, well from experience am not really suprised with the stuffs I found out while going through her phone. So, I am thinking if I should advice her about her lifestyle, more of her chats with guys/girls were all about S3x and member of 3 S3x related WhatsApp groups. The people she didnt really have S3xual related chat with are probably her relatives or not too closed friends.

I didn’t read any intellectual discussion or something relevant to show this lady wants to grow. She has this particular s*gar daddy that every single reply from him is attached with a S3xual sticker. Of course she is a ms.c holder and she recently bought Phd form.


Naijachoicelites should I reveal to her about my late night snooping through her phone and probably advice her about engaging in more positive discussions that might have good impact in her life and way of thinking.

I know most girls survive through their s*gar daddies, but she is attached to this particular man (elder brother to a powerful politician in River state.) that reply’s with the S3xual sticker, should I ask her how she intends to discard the man because of our relationship??

(I no be saint myself. But trust me I rarely chat S3xual stuffs or keep P0rn pics/Vic’s in my phone).



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