‘I Caught My Wife-To-Be Red-Handed But She Said She Was Doing It For Me’ (Please Advice)


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‘I Caught My Wife-To-Be Red-Handed But She Said She Was Doing It For Me’

Greetings guys ..

I’m in an emotional trauma right now. This girl I have been dating , I want to marry and I have gone to her place and did a few of things my hand could afford traditionally .. I’m hoping to do the rest by Xmas .

She is a new graduate and she told me to open a side business for her to make small small change instead of being idle.

I told her to give me small time to save up money .

There is this guy she always talks about that is a yahoo boy and has plenty money , long story short , she came to my house last weekend , we were discussing, I wanted to use her phone and play 9ja ludo but she insisted on not giving me the phone .. she held the phone , turned her back after pressing it for long she gave it to me .

I angrily seized the phone , told her I bought the phone and sim that I’m seizing it.

We later settle and she slept early hours of the nxt day , I woke up brought her phone and it was on plane mood , I removed it from plane mood and a text msg came in from some guy .

I went to her WhatsApp to check the guy out and behold , she blocked the number on WhatsApp.

I unblocked the number and sent him message first , we started chatting , the guy was saying how he loves her and all that shit and the money he sent her to open up a side business.


I woke her up , confronted her and she said she did it for me since I was wasting time to raise money for her , she had to take it from her class mate , the said yahoo guy .

That she’s sorry not to tell me about it since .

She said I should allow her answer the guys calls so that she can get more money from the guy. I agreed and gave her the go ahead but she promised that she won’t allow any man see her unclothedness aside me her husband to be.

My mind has been heating up , why she lied to me and hid something of this nature to me .

The other mind is telling me to impregnate her then dump her when she’s 6 months pregnant that if I leave her now , the guy might take over and I will be the mugu here .

Guys what do I do , I need to wicked this girl I swear , my mind is boiling

Some one I have done 45% of her dowry is doing this to me . Kai I be mugu Oooooo

I need advise from real niggaz


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