‘I Can’t Move On After Breaking Up With My Ex For Cheating On Me’ (Please Advice)


How My Two Year Old Marriage Crashed Because Of This

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‘I Can’t Move On After Breaking Up With My Ex For Cheating On Me’

Hello NaijaChoicelites…

Sometimes ago, I was in dilemma to leave my loyal and faithful girlfriend…
Guess what? I finally caught her cheating. She was double dating for 3 months (dating myself and one other guy).

I have dated this babe for 4 years, until I caught her cheating. I was so angry that I ended the relationship.
I am in a new relationship anyway, but I can’t seem to find the friendship I had with my ex.

I sometimes feel I go extra miles to impress this new girl (not like she bills me, but I caught her one time receiving money gift from a guy, whom she claims that they are just friends, and that she would stop talking to him) although she appreciates every little thing I do. She has also been supportive.

My ex apologized and beg me to reconcile things with her, but I thought I love this new babe more than her… so I told her to move on. After like 2 months, she has finally moved on oh.

The problem now is that, I am beginning to miss my ex so much, the friendship we had, the mind blowing s*x and some other experience we had together, how we have helped each other grow in life financially (my ex was with me when I was broke and had nothing) P.S: my new gf is kind of boring in bed, her pre-intimacy game and s*x is nothing compared to my ex (I prefer my ex)…

These days, any small thing, I am dreaming of my ex, seeing her in my dream, which makes me very happy… but when I wake up to reality, I become sad because it’s just a dream.

I have taken this my new gf to family, and I’ve also met her family too…

Now, I am in a dilemma if to go beg my ex for reconciliation because I miss her so much… I think I have actually not moved on…

I need your advice pls


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