“I Am Cancelling All Marriage Plans Because Of What My Girlfriend Did To My Niece”


"I Am Ending My Marriage Because Of These Things"


“I Am Cancelling All Marriage Plans Because Of What My Girlfriend Did To My Niece”

I’m sorry to bother you all this early morning with this my story.


Apologies for any blunders spotted, and sorry for the lengthy post.

I have a niece who unfortunately the mother died when she was barely a month old, and her mother was my only sibling as my mother gave birth to two of us, remaining only me now. Her death was really painful to us, but i thank God for consoling us especially my mother.

During her pregnancy, she never made mentioned of the person responsible for her pregnancy inspite of my mother’s threat. When the inevitable happened we had no other option than to adopt the child. We were praying earnestly that the child survive, glory to God she did survive though it wasn’t easy, as at now she’s 14years old and currently in SSS1.

Last week my mum called me that my niece says she’s coming to Uyo were i am staying to stay with me since there’s no school for now, which i obliged to it immediately. Prior before this call, my girlfriend whom i intended to marry was staying with me. I informed her immediately that my niece is coming to stay with us for a short period of time, immediately i told her this, her countenance change through out that day. I keep on asking her what the matter was but she keep on saying nothing.

Monday last weekmy niece arrived my place.

My dears ever since my niece set her foot in my house, this girlfriend of mine whom i intended to marry turned to something else. She stop cooking, washing and sweeping, all she does is to ordered my niece around as her house help. I was so hurt seeing this that i confronted her thinking that she will change, but she went from bad to worst.

Yesterday morning i overheard her telling my niece to wash the toilet and mop the floor before thinking of eating. My niece replied that she’s too tired that she won’t be able to do it(I was actually happy inside when i hear this)


What follows next was a sounding knocked she gave to my niece and the poor girl screamed and started crying.

Truth be said, i was so furious that came out of the room. I didn’t asked her anything i just told her your cup is full today. I dealt with her seriously. The beating i gave to her was out of this world, that she was bleeding, though later in the day i took her to a nearby clinic for treatment.

I have learnt alot this few days. Men should be careful of the type of women they intend to settle down with.

As some of them will manipulate you that you start hating your family members or stop them from coming to your house for no reasons if you’re not strong.

I want her to get well after that i will put an end to the relationship, all marriage plan cancel, and no going back and no regret.

Imagine if I’ve gone ahead to marry her. Is this how she will be maltreating my niece? obviously i will forever leave in regrets.

If you ask me if i feel sorry for beating her, truth is, there’s no atom of regret in me, and i will never feel sorry for her. If she has the mind to maltreat a poor girl whose mother is late, she’s capable of anything.

Insults are welcome.



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