“I Am 20 And My Mom Wants To Throw Me Out” (Read and Give Advice)

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Greetings one and all. I’ll try to make my lamentation as short as possible.

My mother accused me of stealing her 2k, but I assure you, I didn’t. The money got missing on Thursday night according to her and my 13 year old brother. I won’t do such a thing, because the times are hard and the pandemic is fueling this hard times. I’m not lazy, I kind of work from home, I write for opera news hub and to some extent I get money from there, currently I have 19k in my account. I have no motive of taking her money, but she insists I took it, and is currently threatening to throw me out of the house.

This is not the first time such thing has happened. When I was still in secondary school, money got missing often and she’ll blame me, beat me and starve me for stealing her money, but God helped me and the culprit was found, my other brother was caught, he is 18 now and doesn’t stay with us anymore. He stays with my dad. She never apologized for what she did and the scars of that emotional and physical abuse still ripples across my body. But this time I’m not sure I will forgive her if the money is found. I’m planning on leaving home and starting my life somewhere, it’s hard, it might just be my naivety speaking, but I need your advice.

The only skill I have is writing and web designing, which I’m almost getting good at. I just need help and guidance. I’m a 200level student and I major in psychology. I’ll be 21 by November.

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