How To Treat Her To Make Her Feel You Are The Best And Perfect Guy For Her

Guys: there are so many ways you can treat your girlfriend to make her feel like you are the best and perfect guy for her.

The fact remains that no one is perfect. We will always adjust our selves to look as if we are perfect. We are not perfect physically, mentally, spiritually and morally. Everyone is trying to build their selves to be more better than they are yesterday. “No one is perfect”.

Every girl wants is a guy who will always treat her right.

Every girl wants to feel like she’s a special and unique treasure to her guy. How do you show her that she really is special to you? Nothing impresses a woman more than a guy treating her as his princess.

Young couples nowadays, fall in love but they hardly know what it takes to make the love romantic. You as a guy your girlfriend need lots of your attention for her not to look outside your relationship. Believe me; the below article is lineup to enlighten you more on how to treat your girlfriend special.

1. Give her time

Time has been the most paramount thing to move a relationship forward. But most guys don’t give enough time to their relationships. I know you might be giving her money but money is not everything, there are so many things money will never do for you in a relationship. What you don’t know is that the money you sent to a responsible girl you are dating that you can’t give your time is only a common waste of money, because the money she will spend it in a lonely ways. Give her the money and give her time to spend it in your presence. Don’t excuse her in the name you are busy at work. Well, we all understand work is important but “all work without Play makes jack a very dull boy” and anyone you love you will always create the time for him or her, no matter how busy you are. So give her more time then she will always love you more.

2. Listen to her complains and take time too to listen to her opinions

I know most ladies like it when a guy listen to her. For example: She said, stop following that your friend who loves smoking weed and you do what she said. Wow! She will be happy because she will believe you have trust in her and that shows you love her so much and value her.

3. Make your relationship open

What do I mean by making your relationship open? When a lady knows that you don’t hide anything about her to your friends or family, her own believe is that you have love her to the fullest. More so a good relationship is a open relationship which has nothing to hide.

4. play with her

Playing with the girl you love is a very good sign of loving her. Be the one who wear her clothes and make ups, adjust her hair for her. This is a great sign of love girls will always admires alot. If you are not doing this to your partner, start it now it’s never too late to show her romantic side of Love.

Go to fun places with her. Spend time with her at the park, come with her when she goes shopping, take her to the beach….There are lots of places you can take her to make her feel comfortable and loved.
Show that you care by taking part in the things that she loves doing. Going to see a chick flick, even if you think it will be boring, will tell her that you care about her needs, and not just your own. Even if you don’t enjoy doing it, try to make it look like you’re into it. It’s best to be honest that you do not enjoy the movie but you are still willing to watch it with her to show you will be there for her; she’ll appreciate the effort and love you’ve shown her.
5. Appreciate your girl

Appreciating someone soften a harden heart, tell her she is beautiful, gorgeous, cute and sweet when she appears in a new clothes. Ladies love this more than you think. Even If she deserves to be corrected in some areas in her dresses correct her softly and don’t do it immediately let it be after everything is over. For example: dear, yesterday make up seems too heavy I think it should be a bit light today? let’s see how it goes on this your beautiful and stunning wears and for it not to stain your clothes like that of yesterday. Keep smiling when you are trying to correct her like this. Do everything in a lighter mood, that is what it means to love someone. Don’t be too harsh, nagging or insulting someone you love when you are trying to correct their simple mistakes.

Balance out your compliments. Girls love compliments, and no wonder: They tell her that you really care, and they make her feel good about herself. Compliment her on both her looks and her personality, and she’ll feel like she’s the whole package in your eyes. Try not to tell her she’s “fit” or “hot,” however, because that sounds plain and generic. Don’t over-compliment a girl, either, because you might alarm her, or give the impression that you want something from her in return for your kindness.
Tell her that she’s “beautiful,” “pretty,” or “gorgeous” instead. These words are a lot more heartfelt, and they have a little extra emotion behind them.
Compliment aspects of her personality, too. Girls want to feel pretty on the outside and the inside. Sincere compliments about her personality let her understand that you like her for who she is deep down inside:
“Every time we’re alone, you remind me of how fun it is to just do nothing together.”
“You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.”
“You make me want to be a better person every single day.”
“When I look at you, I know what it’s like to feel completely safe and comfortable around someone.”

6. Be the one to advice her to be more better and correct her softly.

The more a lady understand that you are looking for a way to make her better. The more she loves you and fear you. A woman can have interest in countless guys. But the one who always advice her to be better will take the lead in her heart. Correct her politely don’t rain insult on her or make her feel inferior for her own believes or little fault. The more you are making her feel bad it’s the more she dislike you.

7. Be open and direct

When you hide nothing for her and you are calling her attention to things she is not aware of about you and the relationship, the more she loves you and the more she fear losing someone like you. A relationship that is open last longer and can even lead to marriage. Any relationship that keep secrets will go no where. Love and never hide for who you love is the best. Stay opened even if your being open do not please your partner. This will be an evident when things go wrong in the relationship, it will be easy for you to say I have once told you, didn’t I?

Show her how proud you are to be with her in public. Do not save affection for only private moments; show the rest of the world how you feel about her. She’ll feel like she makes you a lucky guy, which you are. Kiss her cheek or massage her hand when you are in public. Hold her close when introducing her to one of your friends.
If she uses social media a lot, show your relationship publicly through social media. Post photos of the two of you, tag her at places, change your relationship status. Show her you are publicly committed to the relationship and that you are proud to show her off. However, if she is a very private person, this may make her uncomfortable.
Don’t let go of her hand when another boy or girl walks by. She’ll think that you’re embarrassed to be with her, or that you’re trying to impress another girl. If you’re holding hands, wait for a good moment to break contact. When another girl is around, make sure your girl feels as if she’s the only one.
8. Be jealous

It’s good to be Jealous. But the fact is that most ladies claim they don’t like it when a guy is jealous but deep inside of them they knew only a guy that sincerely love and care is jealous. They might not seems to like it when you sound jealously, even some will be angry but don’t stop doing it because once you stop it becomes an opportunity for the lady to mess up the relationship because she will believe you don’t care anymore, she can use that as avenue to start misbehaving or cheating. Mind you; don’t be too jealous it’s not good. Anything you do too much will definitely affect you in a relationship. Don’t love too much, don’t worry too much, even you don’t need to love too much it will affect the relationship.

9. Inculcate the habit of surprising her and meeting her needs

The more you give her surprises the more she grow in love for you. Meet her needs. Give her money she ask or she didn’t ask for it. Do all you can to always put a smile on her pretty face. the more you keep doing these the more she grow in love and develop the trust for you. Give her surprise gift, surprise visit, surprise call, surprise text and all other forms of surprises you too can think about.

For her birthday or your anniversary, do something nice for her in public. Get or bake a cake for her birthday, or give her a card for your anniversary. Do one public thing for her and one private.
10. Finally never stop being the caring and loving guy

Everything will make no meaning if we don’t finalize it on love and caring. The more you show evidence of loving her and the more caring you are to the girl it’s the more she hold unto you and believe in you. To love mean; be the guy who always make her happy the most.

Communication, it is the engine room of all relationships. When there is no good communication there is no love. There must be no communication gap in the relationship if you want her to always see you as the best.
With everything I have said above I believe any woman that find you will believe she find the man who is really destined for her.

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