How To Search On NaijaChoice

We understand that over time people have been facing difficulties in using our search tool, upon getting complains we have been modifying our search tool to at least bring search results to you faster and making sure that the results are most relevant and recent.

How To Search On NaijaChoice

However, we have been saving search terms by users so we can understand how you search and better organize results to match exact search input, for this to be possible, we must educate you on some tips to bring the most relevant search results as you use our search tool.

First of all, the search box is located at the Top right corner of the website for Desktop users and at the top website header for Mobile and Tablet visitors.

Tip 1: How to Get Better search results

    Make sure your search keyword is very short and precise, do not add unnecessary terms to the keyword. Terms like “Download, Songs, Videos, Films, Movies, Latest, Mp3, Mp4, 3gp, or even arithmetic operators or special characters like #,$,-,,; etc

    For a Search of “Jenifa’s diary all episodes”, erase the singular ‘s’ in the word jenifa’s, you can simply search for jenifa diary it will list all post that has the word “Jenifa diary”, it will be listed from the latest to the oldest post, then use the pagination(Next/Forward) to find the exact song.

TIP2: How to make a Broader search

    In case you are searching for something that you are not sure of, and you want to get matching results from our website, there are two methods to do this.

    1. Type the Keyword on and Add Naijachoice to the keyword, so that google will bring all results from those we have on our website. For example, “Davido disturbance Naijachoice” this will bring all results both videos and audios of Davido disturbance.

    2. Type the Keyword on our search tool and select Google search , this will simple do the step 1 above for you directly from our website But you will be redirected to google where the results will be displayed.

I still do not find what i am looking for?

    You may need a personal support at this time, scroll
    down and drop a comment with what you are searching for and we shall tell you how to get the results.

How do i get Latest Updates?

To get latest updates, join our whatsapp group or download NaijaChoice Android App, to get updates as it is posted.

Still got questions to ask? use the comment box below.

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